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Цифровые камеры

  • XM10IR
    The XM10IR is a 1.4 megapixel monochrome camera with a spectral response from the visible up to 1000 nm and is ideal for thin through-silicon near IR imaging. The XM10IR also offers all of the properties required to provide dependable gray scale value and infra-red microscopy images.
  • XM10
    The XM10 monochrome camera offers dependable gray scale value and fluorescence microscopy images: high resolution, extremely fine sensitivity, a cooled CCD chip, variable exposure times and an optional external trigger function.
  • XC10
    The XC10 is a 1.4 megapixel cooled color camera offering superior image quality and long exposure times, ideal for low light conditions. The XC10 camera has a resolution of 1,376 x 1,032 pixels.
  • DP21
    The DP21 is a 2 megapixel digital camera for microscopes that offers stunning color and crisp detail with a smooth 15 frames per second, perfect for users without access or the desire to use a PC.
  • SC30
    The SC30 digital camera is ideal for entry-level industrial image documentation and incorporates a 3.3 megapixel CMOS sensor which reduces power consumption, and electronic noise.
  • UC30
    The UC30 offers an excellent 3.2 megapixel resolution and fast frame rates with the added benefit of 2x and 3x color binning. Ideal for routine image acquisition in material science applications where quick and easy image documentation is paramount.
  • UC50
    The UC50 is a 5 megapixel digital color camera ideal for high resolution imaging providing 14-bit a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity along with a variety of frame rates using pixel binning and partial readout modes.
  • XC50
    The XC50 is a 5 megapixel cooled color camera ideal for high resolution imaging that provides a wide dynamic range/ high sensitivity along with a number of different frame rates using pixel binning and partial readout modes.
  • DP26
    The DP26 is a 5 megapixel digital camera for microscopy with high-fidelity color reproduction and progressive scanning free from color shift, providing live images with superb quality, seamlessly integrated into the OLYMPUS Stream analysis software.
  • SC100
    The SC100 is a 10.6 megapixel digital color camera for microscopy with unsurpassed lateral resolution and true color reproduction capabilities, providing live images with high frame rates, seamlessly integrated into OLYMPUS Stream imaging software.
  • DP73
    The Olympus DP73 high-performance Peltier cooled, digital color cameras offer the latest pixel-shifting technology with an extraordinary 17.28 megapixel resolution, 4 binning modes, and 14-bit A/D conversion for increased bit depth.
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