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Olympus provides expertise to assist equipment designers with the integration of Olympus components into their overall product.


Olympus provides expertise to assist equipment designers with the integration of Olympus components into their overall product. When design requirements extend beyond off-the-shelf components, Olympus can design and manufacture custom objectives and optical assemblies.

Technical Support from Development to Manufacture

From product development inception through integration and manufacture, Olympus' dedicated technical support team assists equipment designers and manufacturers worldwide within the industrial and life science markets. A locally based technical team works closely with Olympus R&D and manufacturing personnel to quickly implement and provide ongoing support throughout all project phases, whether assisting with component selection, providing technical data to maximize overall performance, or developing custom objectives or subassemblies.

Custom Design Projects

With more than 90 years of groundbreaking optical and precision technology experience, Olympus has the knowledge and resources to design custom objectives and optical-mechanical assemblies for project needs that extend beyond our standard product lines.

Advanced Technical Data

Advanced knowledge of key optical and mechanical specifications is crucial to integrating an optical assembly within a sophisticated piece of equipment. Olympus can provide dimensions, transmittance, and other optical performance data when required to assist in the development process and accelerate time to market.

Flexible Supply Chain Management

Olympus' dedicated component team works closely with our factory personnel so that manufacturers know that Olympus product will be on their dock when they expect it to be, keeping production and development schedules on time.

Simple Integration

Modular Design

The highly modular design of Olympus components makes integration with other optical-mechanical systems simple and efficient, saving time and money on project development.

Infinity-Corrected Optics

Olympus' infinity-corrected optics make it easier to add intermediate components such as prisms and sliders without affecting optical performance, something finite optical systems cannot offer. All Olympus objectives have a 45mm parfocal length and standardized threads, allowing easy integration into custom optical assemblies. 
Infinity-Corrected Optics

Dimensions of Olympus Optical Systems

When using Olympus components, the separation distance between the tube lens and objective lens ranges between 50-170mm to maintain performance without affecting illumination uniformity and image quality. 
Dimensions of Olympus Optical Systems
*Dimensions of the Olympus nosepieces and illuminators, where illumination performance is maximized.


All Olympus UIS2 objectives are RoHs-compliant with lead- and cadmium-free eco-glass.


Передовые решения неразрушающего контроля

Контроль сварных соединений Коррозионный мониторинг Технология направленных волн Aerospace Inspection Solutions Stress Corrosion Cracking Solutions Контроль композитных материалов Промышленные сканеры Экспресс-диагностика трубопроводов


Портативные ультразвуковые дефектоскопы Вихретоковые дефектоскопы Оборудование с фазированными решётками BondTesting Матричные вихретоковые дефектоскопы Технология направленных волн Генераторы-приёмники Датчики и преобразователи

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Системы диагностики прутков Системы диагностики трубопроводов


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Компоненты микроскопов

Modular Microscope Assemblies Optical Microscope Frames Optical Microscope Modules

Оптические измерительные системы

Лазерные конфокальные микроскопы Опто-цифровые микроскопы

Видеоскопы, бороскопы

Видеоскопы Промышленные фиброскопы Стандартные жёсткие бороскопы Программное обеспечение для генерации отчетов Источники света Системы прокрутки

Высокоскоростные видеокамеры

Анализаторы XRF и XRD

Настольные XRD/XRF анализаторы
Переносной XRF-анализатор Портативный XRF-анализатор DELTA Портативный дифрактометр (XRD) Промышленный XRF-анализатор Тестовый стенд XRF


Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Inspection Инвертированные металлургические микроскопы Лазерные конфокальные микроскопы Модульные микроскопы Объективы Опто-цифровые микроскопы Поляризационные микроскопы Программное обеспечение для анализа изображений Прямые металлургические микроскопы Стерео микроскопы Цифровые камеры

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